Good morning!

Like…early morning.

Can’t sleep. Surprise, surprise.

Last night we drove over to my parents house and my mom watched Jack Jack for us while Tim and I went to see my brother-in-law and cousin perform in their fall band concert at school. While we were gone, guess what happened?

My mom put Jack to bed in a fire engine toddler bed that she has at her house…

…and he went to sleep in it!!

 Yes, that’s right, Macaulay Culkin! Jack went to sleep in a strange and slighly garrish toddler bed that I assumed would just be a distraction and playtime insitgator. I mean, this thing has a working light on the top of it and it smiles at you! I wouldn’t be surprised if it had sound effects.

Needless to say, the thing did not scream” nighttime soother” or “sleep inducer” to me. But alas, my perfect child proves me wrong again and falls right to sleep in it…and there he lays at this very second. Sleeping soundly. While I, on the other hand, am wide awake, drinking an instant hot chocolate I scrounged out of my mother’s pantry, and crafting a random, silly blog post, solely for my own 5 a.m. amusement.


Maybe I should have tried sleeping in a fire engine bed.

Ah well. Just add it to my growing repertoire of Vampire Nights.

With love, Malorie