A trip to Lenox Mall turned out to be a fun, memorable morning in the Elrod family history books today. Someone met the “Big Man” while there.

He wasn’t scared at all.

Maybe a little weirded out at first, being plopped upon the cushioned lap of a hefty, bearded man in red velour; but after Santa gave him a hug and made a whispered promise of toys at Christmas, Jack warmed right up. He waved goodbye. Several times, in fact. And spent the next half an hour making an exaggerated “O”-mouth face, chanting a high-pitched, “O-O-Ohh!”

“What does Santa Claus say?”


Be still my heart.

Up next was playtime in Pottery Barn Kids, which proved to be a bigger hit than Toys R Us, with their play kitchens and train sets. Daddy made a secret “Santa” purchase while Jack pushed a toy shopping cart around in circles. When Tim returned from the register, he smoothly slid the cart away from him and led him to the train tables, mumbling about how perhaps going to day care wouldn’t be so bad after all. Mommy may be domesticating him a bit too much.


We “choo-chooed” around the store for a bit until a poopie diaper expedited the leaving process. After a quick change of pants, we headed to the roof top to take a ride on the famous Pink Pig!

The ride was fun, but receiving the official “I Rode Macy’s Pink Pig” sticker took the cake.

Life is so fun. I can’t wait to take BOTH of my boys next year.

With love, Malorie