Five years ago today, I made the best decision of my life.

I said yes to a man that asked the question, “Will you marry me?”

Well, actually I said, “Are you kidding? Is this a joke? Do you know what this means? Did you ask my dad?”

Word vomit.

We had never talked about marriage before.

After patiently affirming that this was not a joke, he did understand exactly what he was asking me to do, and yes, he had asked my father, I said, “Yes!” to the man I now call husband.

You see, before he “popped the question”, we were sitting on a bench in the McDonough square, talking about life and Christmas and each other. Then he asked me where I saw myself in five years. Pondering a moment, I decided that I had no idea, but that I would love for him to be there. He said he felt the same way, and since we both agreed we’d always like to be together, “Why don’t we just go ahead and make it official.” [Getting on one knee] “Will you marry me?”

Who would have known that five years later…that five year mark that neither of us could predict or imagine…that we would be married, own a home, have an amazingly happy and healthy son, and another just days away? If you would have told me that night where we would actually be in just five short years, I would have been giddy with joy.

Thank you, God, for my wonderful husband.

He’s not a perfect man…

…but he’s the perfect man for me.

He’s truly my best friend.

The one that I run to vent to when my husband is getting on my nerves. The one that laughs at my stupid jokes. The one that prays for me and our sons. The one that watches trash T.V. with me. The one that takes me to see Hanson in concert. The one that dreams about our future with me. The one that comes home early to surprise me. The one that stays up late just to talk to me.

Five years ago today, I made the best decision of my life.

I said yes to spending the rest of my days with Timothy Michael Elrod.

Here’s to five years later, baby. I can’t wait to see where we are in five more.

With love, Malorie