Tomorrow’s the day.

Unless, by chance, I go into labor this evening (which I am feeling some cramping…) I have to report to the hospital at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to be induced.

In other news, a lot more than just waiting for a late, late baby to arrive has been happening around the Elrod house. One, Jack is officially eighteen months. Yup, a year and a half. Which means in just six short months he will be TWO!


Hang on a second. I think I’m going to cry.

My baby is such a big boy. He is so smart!..and so big. It is not uncommon for Tim and I to get asked if he is two or three years old by strangers. Nope! Only eighteen months, thank goodness, because his verbal skills are definitely not up to those of a two or three year old. He’s a babbler with a limited vocabulary, most of which has to be translated by Tim and I. For example, a whispered, “Tahh Stahh, PSSS!” means, “Toy Story, PLEASE!” which means, “I want to watch Toy Story 3, please.”

It’s kind of like a foreign language. I speak English and Jack fluently.

However, he loves being around people, is such a show-off, plays and shares well with other kids, can identify shapes and a couple letters, follows directions well most of the time, is Mommy’s big helper when it comes to chores like laundry and cleaning up toys…I could go on and on.

Isn’t it crazy how much kids change in just a year and a half!?!

And we are starting all over tomorrow!

In just a year and a half I will have another little boy doing all the things that Jack is doing now and Jack will be doing even more!

Hang on…I’m trying not to cry again.

Moving on, the part two of what’s new in the Elrod house is that we put an offer on a house.

Wha? Whaaaa??

Yes, we put an offer on a four bed, two and a half bath, short sale, with a nice sized bonus room and fenced-in backyard about seven minutes away from where we live now. Crazy, I know. But it kind of fell into our lap and was an offer we felt would be foolish to let just pass us by. So, that means that in addition to waiting for little Cole to swim down, we have been doing random, small repairs around our crooked little house, de-cluttering and staging it, since it will be going on the market within the next few weeks.

I have mixed feelings. I love the house we made the offer on. However, I have grown to love our crooked little house, as well. Thus, I am indifferent, I think, in the outcome that God has in store for us in regard to a move. The new house and extra space would be much appreciated, but if we end up here for a couple more years, my heart shall not be broken. We are just praying for discernment, wisdom, and God’s perfect timing if it is all meant to be.

Welp. I know for sure this time that the next time I blog I will be on the flip-side of this baby business. Prayers still appreciated on the quick ‘n easy delivery followed by a non-broken tailbone.

Youch. Just had another random contraction. Maybe it will be this evening…

With love, Malorie