Before and on December 30, 2011, I had lots of people praying for me. If you were one of those people, I want to give you my sincerest of thanks. My big God, OUR big God, did amazing things in me that day and the days since. He heard mine and all of your petitions, and he did not fail to answer.

With Jack, we felt like none of our prayers were answered. With Jack, we laid hands on my belly, prayed prayers out loud for a quick and easy labor and delivery. That my water would break on it’s own. That I would progress quickly and naturally on my own. That the cord would not be wrapped around his little body in any way. So many prayers. Specific prayers. None of them answered.

 The cord was wrapped around his neck twice. I never progressed past 3 cm on my own. I labored for fifteen hours. They had to break my water for me. They had to use a vacuum. I tore. I broke my tailbone.

Needless to say, my spirit was somewhat defeated at the end of Jack’s birth. The only praise I had was a healthy baby boy that didn’t have to be delivered by c-section, so I tried hard to just focus on that; to not question, “Why?”

With Cole, it was different. I will never forget settling into our room in Mother/Baby and Tim looking at me and saying that God had really come through for us this time. God really came through.

This time with Cole, I couldn’t bring myself to pray for specifics. Maybe that’s a terrible thing, but I think I still had a lingering spirit of brokenness over what had happened with Jack, and I didn’t want to ask for specific things in regard to Cole and feel defeated again if I didn’t get what I asked. This time around, when it came to praying for my labor and delivery, the only thing I could utter were three words: I trust you.

Yes, I asked people to pray for my tailbone, and for a quick and easy delivery, but for some reason when I prayed my own prayers, all I could think was, “I trust you.” I am thankful for the Holy Spirit that intercedes and translates for us when we don’t have the words to pray. I guess the Holy Spirit makes for a much better pray-er, because God came through and answered every prayer that I never even prayed.

I started having labor pains at 5 am on December 29th. They continued all day long, but inconsistently, so I decided not to call my midwife, but to just wait until 7 am on the 30th to go in, which was when my induction was scheduled. I would at that point be ten days late.

Yes. Ten. Days. Late.

The morning of the 30th, I got a call from the hospital that they were pushing my induction back a few hours because they had no beds available. I guess a lot of people wanted to have their baby before the New Year. Tax breaks will cause any woman to go into labor.

We got to the hospital at 1 pm. I was in a room and hooked up to pitocin by 2:45 pm. Cole made his grand (and do I mean GRAND) entrance into the world at 4:36 pm.

Yes, that’s right folks, I labored for less than two hours.

I only pushed for about five minutes.

I got an epidural, but things happened so fast that I didn’t get it until right before I pushed. The anesthesiologist gave me an initial shot of pain medicine, but he never even hung the bag of actual medicine. As soon as he stuck the needle in, I laid down and my midwife checked me and said, “Oh! You’re complete. It’s time to push.” I probably would not have gotten the epidural had I known that.

Needless to say, I had a completely natural delivery with a needle in my back. For the first hour after Cole was born, my legs were a little numb.

This time, all I did was trust that God would see me through. He did.

I definitely got a quick labor and delivery. Easy is a relative term. I would have told you screamed at you then, that it was definitely not easy. Looking back, I know that it was.

I also did not tear. I needed no stitches. If you have ever had a child and needed stitches, you know how amazing this is. And although I give God the glory on this one as well, I could just kiss my midwife, Brandi, on the mouth because she did so much to help make this happen. She really worked with me and coached me through the pushing. I will probably never see doctors again in my future pregnancies. I’m a midwife advocate now, all the way!

I did not break my tailbone. It’s a little sore, I’ll admit, but it’s not bad at all. A little soreness is to be expected, I’d say, when you just broke it a year and a half ago.

Cole did not have the cord around his neck. He was not in distress in any way. He was born a healthy 6 lb, 15 oz, 20 in, crying baby boy.

I have nothing but praise. Praise to my big God that may not have answered all of my prayers the first time, but went above and beyond to answer them the second. He is faithful. He is trustworthy.

I. Trust. You.

We only stayed in the hospital 24 hours after Cole was born. I was so glad to get home. Life with two kids is amazing. Jack has adjusted well, Tim and I have adjusted well, and all of our lives have been added to by the presence of Cole’s. And Cole is such a good baby!

Baby Wise? I say, Baby Genius!

Two days after being home Cole was on a perfect eat, wake, sleep schedule. He only cries during diaper changes or when he’s really tired.

As for me, I’m wonderful! I feel like I could go run a mile! Okay, well maybe that’s a bit extreme, becuase I have never had the desire to just go run a mile, but you get the gist.

Praise, praise, praise. That is all I have.

With love, Malorie