Sometimes I wish I had a Quick-Quotes Quill. Often I have wanted to blog, and goodness knows I have plenty to say about these past four weeks, but I have simply not had the time nor margin to sit down and type it out.

Ah me, to live in a fictional world where pens write for themselves…

In short, the past four weeks have been packed with feedings, endless strings of poopie diapers, Imagination Movers and more poopie diapers…and mastitis.

Mastitis: /maˈstītis/ – No. Fun.

However, I’m feeling much better now, Cole is starting to understand that there are twelve hours during the day in which we would like him to sleep for longer than three hours at a time, and the Imagination Movers are still keeping our household happy and dancing, especially during those said feedings.

Things have shifted, things have changed, and we are rolling with the punches, taking it day by day. [Cue Movers tune Seven Days a Week] “Monday to Monday to Monday, HEY!…”

Here’s to a new normal…and to never going grocery shopping by myself with both boys. 😉

With love, Malorie