Cole turned one month old a little over a week ago.

Crazy, I know.

At one month Cole is…

10 lbs, 21.5 in (bigger than his brother was at one month, despite his smaller birth size!)

eating like a champ

holding his head up really well

starting to smile on purpose

sleeping up to five or six hours consecutively at night

and holds the state title in distance in the Projectile Spit-Up/Poop division, and runner up in the Soak-A-Burp Cloth event.

It’s only been one month, but already it is hard to remember what life was like without Cole here. Jack just loves him, and I think already has forgotten what it was like to be an only child. And when I say he loves him, I mean it. I think a lot of people think we are lying when we say that, but it’s true. He has yet to go through any jealousy issues. Anytime he is around Cole he wants to hug, kiss, and hold him. I can’t wait until Cole catches up with him and they become best buddies.

As far as Tim and I go, we are still enjoying life as a family of four, but we have definitely learned some things about our new normal one month in. Some of those are as follows…

– We have to let go of expecting our house to always be clean and organized: Diaper changes, feedings, crowd control, and coffee consumption come before the dishes or laundry. Sometimes just getting the toys picked up off the floor is the most I can do. Mopping? What’s that? This does not bode well for a house that is on the market and could have a showing at minute. Oh, help.

– Adult time is limited: Tim and I not only need to prioritize our time together, we need to schedule it. Prioritize is too metaphoric for us. We need steps, goals, or else we will fall into spending our evenings in the tornado of kiddo bedtime, then fall onto the couch or bed with a junk-food snack until we turn comatose.

When one gets it, we all get it: This goes for colds, yawns, and even bad attitudes. When living in close quarters, it’s all contagious.

– It takes two: …when it comes to shopping that is. We have yet to try taking both boys on a solo trip yet. It’s nerve wracking enough when we all go. Jack is at the age where he doesn’t want to sit in a buggy, but he doesn’t have the maturity yet to walk with us. Also, if we want to be able to fit more than three things in our cart, we have to get one of those stretch-limo buggies with the toddler seat so that we can put Cole’s cart seat in the seat of the actual buggy. We have also tried each of us pushing a buggy with a kid in the front, one pushing the stroller while the other pushes a buggy, and one pushing a buggy while the other frustratedly chases and contains Jack. Whew! Makes you wanna have multiples, eh?

– Chaotic = wonderful: Life gets crazy, and sometimes it feels like we are literally swimming in chaos, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s just another ordinary miracle, beautiful mess, and all those other appropriate song lyrics on life.

All in all we are loving our new life as an Elrod party of four. We know that it is only going to get worse; and it’s only going to get better.

With love, Malorie