Cole’s Cozy Corner

I recently realized that, although I did give a brief update, I never actually shared Cole’s room upon completion.


Well, come on in to our Crooked Little House and take a look at the space where my Cool Kid Cole rests his little head.

This is the first thing you’ll see when you walk in. I am a “plan ahead” kind of gal, so I don’t like nurseries that are so baby-fied that you will have to completely re-do them once your kids become toddlers. That means out with the pastels and in with the primaries. I know that our accent wall is not for everyone…but I happen to love the bold, mustard yellow and geometric design (thank you, Jeff Lewis Designs), and I can’t wait to pair it with chocolate browns in the future, as Cole gets older.

This is the opposite wall with the paintings I originally made for Jack’s nursery.

Fun fact: that is the exact rocker that my mom used to rock me in when I was a wee-one.

And this is my changing station. I am one of the very few that doesn’t see the need for a changing table. I think they are a silly waste of furniture and space. Jack started rolling over by three months, and although Cole doesn’t seem to be on the same physical fast-track, babies are soon old enough to roll right off of a changing table and right into the floor. So I say, why not start there?

I know, call me crazy.

But it works for us, so this is where I keep both boys’ diapers, wipes, burp cloths, blankets, and Cole’s bath tub (since our Crooked Little House is so short on storage).

One of my favorite things in Cole’s room are the name pictures I made for him. I just made the letters out of Jack’s Mega blocks, took a picture of them in front of a white background, printed them, and framed them in these awesome Ikea frames.

My other favorite thing is this framed scripture. Jack has the same verses hung in his room. These verses are my prayer over my sons and the men I want them to become. I typed out the scripture in Word and then sent it to Wolf Camera to be printed in a 11×13. Love.

Welp, hope you enjoyed your tour as much as I enjoy my little bubs sleeping through the night in that cozy, colorful corner of our home.

Oh, and Happy Friday, friends! Why don’t you stop by Elrods Go Disney for a little Fun Facts ‘n Trivia!

With love, Malorie


Twist and Shout

Ever since receiving these little loves on Valentines Day, Jack has been a coloring fool.

And can I tell you that this cupid probably spent a good ten minutes on the craft aisle at Walmart trying to figure out just which crayons to buy? I think I made the wise choice though, so I’d like to dedicate this post to giving Crayola Twistables a little shout-out.

[wise choice – two words that are emphasized in the Elrod house and children’s program at our church. “We should always make the WISE CHOICE!”]

I spent the first five minutes of my crayon-buying adventure looking at prices, though quickly tossing out the cheapest, since they were the most waxy, had the type of paper that rolls right off, making for excellent coverage capacity once that thing hits my walls and couch, and let’s face it, from a visual standpoint, most appetizing to a toddler’s sophisticated palate.

The next five minutes were spend any-mini-miney-moe-ing it between two; a four pack of triangular shaped crayons that were supposed to encourage a writer’s grip, or these, the Twistables. At nine minutes and forty-five seconds I snatched up the Twistables. I mean, Jack is only a little over a year and a half; and although J. H. Elrod would make for an excellent pen name someday, focusing on his writer’s grip is not a priority right now.

Welp. He loves them and I do too. (Yes, he has a sticker on his head, and yes, he is sitting on our coffee table. Both are acceptable in the Elrod house, so sue me.)

I love that they don’t break, have little coloring surface area, are inedible, and can be twisted down when not in use to completely hide the crayon.

To which Jack Jack says, “Uh-oh.”

Yes-sir-ee. Crayola Twistables.

Jack tested, Elrod approved.

With love, Malorie

Life is Sweet

Every house should have a functioning cookie jar.

We’ve had the cookie jar, but it’s just never lived out it’s purpose of storing cookies.Well, folks, the time has come.

Minnie is now full of Jack’s favorite shortbread pinwheels.

I’d say life just got a little bit sweeter.

With love, Malorie

Little Man Turns Two!

Two months, that is.

At two months, Cole…

sleeps through the night in his own bed (9-10 hours, can I hear a hallelujah?!)

holds up his head with very few wobbles

eats more than ever before

smiles at Tim, Jack, and I like we hung the moon

doesn’t like loud noises or long car rides

and he grows and grows everyday! I’m not sure how much he weighs (we have his check-up next Friday), but I can tell you that sometimes I swear I see him grow right before my eyes!

My oh my, I love my little man. What a joy he is.

With love, Malorie

Filled to the Brim

Ooo, boy, I’m feeling productive today!

Nothing boosts a stay-at-home Mom’s self-esteem like a productive day at the home in which she stays.

Four loads of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, playing with the big boy, keeping the schedule of the little boy, meal planning for the week (with what’s already in the cabinets, which is a big enough feat), Bible story lunchtime, naps for both boys, and now lunch, that re-heated cup of coffee, and last week’s DVRed Project Runway for me.

Oh yeah! And blogging?

Wow, what a day. And a Monday, at that!

Happy Monday, friends. Wishing you a day filled to the brim with productivity.

With love, Malorie

Happy Mommy

Someone slept eight hours last night.

That makes someone else a very happy mommy.

With love, Malorie

Day ‘O Love

I love Jack.

I love those big blue eyes. I love the way he dances. I love his wet kisses. I love how he calls me, “Ma”. I love how he says, “Ahhmen” at the end of our prayers. I love Jack.

I love Cole.

I love how patient he is. I love how he smiles at me when he has a full tummy and fresh diaper. I love how he has man-sized boogies come out of that little tiny nose. I love how he sometimes sleeps with his eyes half open, just like his Daddy. I love Cole.

I love Tim.

I love the way he loves me. I love the way he loves our sons. I love how he’s turned me into a clingy, obsessed-with-her-husband wife. I love how I’ve turned him into a coffee drinker addict. I love the way I can trust him. I love how safe I feel with him. I love the way he makes me laugh, even though he has no jokes to tell. I love Tim.

I’m such a lucky girl on this February 14th, Day ‘O Love, 2012. Such a lucky, lucky girl.

Happy Valentines Day.

With looooove, Malorie