Ever since receiving these little loves on Valentines Day, Jack has been a coloring fool.

And can I tell you that this cupid probably spent a good ten minutes on the craft aisle at Walmart trying to figure out just which crayons to buy? I think I made the wise choice though, so I’d like to dedicate this post to giving Crayola Twistables a little shout-out.

[wise choice – two words that are emphasized in the Elrod house and children’s program at our church. “We should always make the WISE CHOICE!”]

I spent the first five minutes of my crayon-buying adventure looking at prices, though quickly tossing out the cheapest, since they were the most waxy, had the type of paper that rolls right off, making for excellent coverage capacity once that thing hits my walls and couch, and let’s face it, from a visual standpoint, most appetizing to a toddler’s sophisticated palate.

The next five minutes were spend any-mini-miney-moe-ing it between two; a four pack of triangular shaped crayons that were supposed to encourage a writer’s grip, or these, the Twistables. At nine minutes and forty-five seconds I snatched up the Twistables. I mean, Jack is only a little over a year and a half; and although J. H. Elrod would make for an excellent pen name someday, focusing on his writer’s grip is not a priority right now.

Welp. He loves them and I do too. (Yes, he has a sticker on his head, and yes, he is sitting on our coffee table. Both are acceptable in the Elrod house, so sue me.)

I love that they don’t break, have little coloring surface area, are inedible, and can be twisted down when not in use to completely hide the crayon.

To which Jack Jack says, “Uh-oh.”

Yes-sir-ee. Crayola Twistables.

Jack tested, Elrod approved.

With love, Malorie